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“The CHIEF” ~ $89.00

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The Chief

“The Chief”


“The Chief” at night

“The Chief” rugs are 100% Fire retardant treated cotton with 100% cotton leg straps and trim.

Reflective stripes full length of rug and neck, in green and silver as used by fire fighters world wide.

Fire retardant horse rug combo sizes 5.0′ – 6.6′ available (NO 5’3″ as these have SOLD OUT)

All new fire retardant treated safety combo rugs for bush fire and road safety conditions.  They are designed to help protect your horse from being burnt from ember attacks and from singeing.  They are extreme high viz for night time searching or when in heavy smoke conditions.

They are an extremely well fitted combo, 100% cotton, with full neck coverage, extra large tail flap and a double buckle front closure with a cover for added protection.   The leg staps are all cotton with dog clips.  The rugs have the same high viz stripes as the fire fighters, SES Volunteers and police.

These rugs are designed to help protect your horses from landing embers melting into their synthetic summer rugs, (MOST SUMMER RUGS ON THE MARKET ARE SYNTHETIC COTTON MIX FOR STRENGTH) the extreme high viz will help protect your horse if loose on the roads or in the bush during fire conditions.  In heavy smoke the horses will be highly visible, seen extremely easily with minimal torch light and absolutely blindingly so in car head lights.

If horses are not found,  post fires helicopter patrols will easily see the bright orange from the rugs and will be able to alert the appropriate agencies.

The Chief

“The Chief”

Many horses are willingly and knowingly  let loose from properties to save them from being trapped within fence lines,            “THE CHIEF” rugs will not only help protect from fire embers but will also help find your horses in such horrific conditions.

These rugs are designed to be warn when fire danger is high or when you do not have enough warning or are unable to evacuate in a bush fire.  They are made from all cotton FIRE RETARDANT treated materials and quality fittings.


The only fire / road safety Horse blanket on the market “Hazard County” is created by me a horse owner, with experience during Victorian Fires.  I have been through bush fire conditions noting the need for horse protection for those without the ability or time to evacuate.

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**Hazard County notes that “THE CHIEF” rugs will not stop horses from being taken by fire if they are in such situations, the rugs are designed as ember, heat and visual protection rugs only**

“Moonshine” ~ $65.00

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“Moonshine” at dusk



“Moonshine” rugs are a generous sized well fitting combo made from rip stop material.

These rugs have been designed with safety, comfort and durability in mind.

With reflective stripes down the full length of the rug and neck, in green and silver as used by fire fighters world wide they are a must have for anyone, who paddocks their horses next to busy roadways.

As anyone who owns horses knows, when we hear a noise in the middle of the night coming from our horse paddocks, finding them in the dark to check all is well can sometimes be very time consuming and challenging.  The Moonshine rugs are highly visible with the smallest amount of light, these rugs gives the horse owner piece of mind that their horses can be located in a paddock quickly and easily by torch light.

Living on a busy road way adds to the added worry should your horses get out at night or on dusk, with the Moonshine rugs you can give your horse every chance to been seen by motorists as the reflective stripes are blindingly light when in car head lights and can be detected kilometers away.

“Moonshine” rugs are grey ripstop, available with light blue, black, bottle green or pink trim.  Sizes 5′.9, 6′.0 and 6′.3.